Questions identitaires

En se présentant en tant que “Tunisienne”, mes collègues québécois aussi bien que Égyptiens, libanais, syriens et indiens me mettent directement dans la case “arabe musulmane”. Le problème des préjugés En général, les musulmans assument dors et déjà qu’étant Tunisienne, tu dois être musulmane et agir en tant que tel, c’est à dire ne mange … More Questions identitaires

Life is pointless.

I may seem depressed or giving up on life but that’s not the case. I find myself worrying so much about life, future, feminism, my wasted eggs and my love for experiencing motherhood, Isis, Islamism and the bad image that Muslims have, the fate of my small weak country etc etc etc… But then I … More Life is pointless.

How Beyoncé and Jian Gomeshi are not feminists

As the Jian Gomeshi affair is making headlines on national Canadian news, I want to comment on some self-entitled feminist artists. Many people have been reporting on why do the eight women that have came forward until today on the Gomeshi affair, have spoken years after the incidents. This silent period of time is being … More How Beyoncé and Jian Gomeshi are not feminists