Autopsy of a Tunisian qualm

Spending summer vacation in Tunisia almost instantly brings back the reasons that pushed one to seek residence elsewhere.

After one heck of a year and some personal achievements, like most of immigrants I go back where I’m from.
It amazes me how passive people are. With all the security risks we are living in (I may remind that ISIS is at a 8-hour-drive from Tunis) and the palpable economical crisis suffocating the population, nothing is done. Neither on a political level nor on the citizens’ side.

Cafés everywhere are full. A sad sign of high unemployment. One night out in Tunis’ suburban area, the café was full of night goers and you could feel the nonchalant atmosphere. All people think of is to look good and by good I mean as sexy and as much brand names as possible.

It disappointedly remembered me how overwhelmingly artificial Tunisians are. We don’t go out to enjoy ourselves, we go out to show others that we have the material means to dress with extravaganza and spend money out every night.
Of course this applies to the north suburban area where lives the elite upper class. People outside Tunis’ “croissant d’or” have so many everyday struggles to think of anything else than means of survival.

People don’t go out to enjoy themselves for the sake of happiness itself, they go out to prove themselves to the public. Which unravels a pathetic behaviour that we know we have, but we still conserve. We have reached a level of artifice and showcase that only covers a frenetic seek of others approval.

In a country where everything is downgrading from the justice system, to the economic situation until the constant terrorist threat, people who have the means try to convince themselves they are going to make it by throwing it in the face of others. Not by strong work ethics or by activism, but by clothings and physical appearance. Hence the nonchalant atmosphere and the resilience to the current situation.

It aches my heart to realize that work ethics, being true to yourself and simple life still aren’t in our collective culture and we still need to pretend what we aren’t because we are hiding deep insecurities about our future, without taking any means to fight for it.


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