Deadly terrorist attack in Tunisia : Point of view

Another day, another terrorist attack in Tunisia. Thus, this time the gunmen reached another level of terror by targeting almost exclusively tourists (20 tourists were dead and 2 Tunisians, until the last news).


Although it is still unclear whether the target was the parliament that is, interestingly enough, discussing the anti-terrorist law that same moment, or was it really the tourists. The damages are deadly enough either way.

Our mea culpa

The population is almost overwhelmingly against the radical branch of Islam, coming from the middle-east and mainly Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, etc… But, we still have an implicit part in the growing radical Islam in our society. As long as we endorse the ”i like my freedom, but the Chariaa says…” and don’t stand totally and undoubtedly against any violence in the name of Allah, we are responsible of the terrorism.

The problem of Islam

in fact, the ”I dont like terrorists, but Allah said…” is indirectly tolerating the idea of Chariaa and therefore permissive to extremism thinking even if it doesn’t endorse it frankly. And this is the direct result of the incapacity of any religious person, and muslims particularly, to think outside the box. Most of them are fearful to criticise their religious beliefs and think about their religion. They simply swallow it and can’t criticise or even try to objectively evaluate it. And that’s the atter with Islam actually. I am deeply convinced that the problem with Islam remains in its incapacity to rethink and recreate itself in order to be more accurate and in conformity with the human evolution.

Contextualization of the matter

That being said, I wonder whom from the muslim word is able to think about Islam and modernise it in order to save Muslims and Islam itself from being labeled with such a bloodthirsty ignorant label. All the Muslim nations are trapped in inner conflicts, either communitarian (Sunni VS Shia) or oil control battles. And let’s face it, none of the occidental world wants peace for this place in the world, du to their numerous interests (oil, stability to Israel, to name a few).

Therefore, Tunisia can count only on itself to prevent the prominence of extremism and violence, to protect its fragile democracy and to rebuild its economy. A poor country with no natural resources does not raise enough interest for world’s leading powers. Our main interest is our geopolitical and geographic positions.

Sadly enough, 23 years of Ben Ali reign have fought the intellectual and cultural education to prevent the raise of any political conciousness. Thus, breeding a generation of ignorant unemployed hopeless youth, that, in its seeking for a motivation to fight for, massively enlists in ISIS doctrine.


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