Life is pointless.

I may seem depressed or giving up on life but that’s not the case.

I find myself worrying so much about life, future, feminism, my wasted eggs and my love for experiencing motherhood, Isis, Islamism and the bad image that Muslims have, the fate of my small weak country etc etc etc…
But then I remember death, weather you are Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin or an African child, we all are going to die.
It is like playing a game of which you already know the end. Why bother so much then ?
Unless you are the man who discovered electricity or antibiotics and therefore changing the lives of all humans on the planet, we all are completely worthless. We live, consume and die.
I sometimes envy people who believe in a mysterious and powerful entity that will judge all humans in a fantastic afterlife. It may provides them with a reason to live for, sadly they live in fear and imagination. I honestly think that, once dead, we’ll feed the bottom of the food chain.


One thought on “Life is pointless.

  1. We didn’t chose to be part of this world, if we live or die it’s not up to us, except in some cases and society decided that it’s an extreme measure.
    I think we all are dumed to play along. But some enjoy the ride doing what they love or being simply ignorant of this situation ( aka Btak Obama and the African child) and others don’t.


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